Hey, I’m Lee 👋🏼
flatfair - Senior Software Engineer
Promoted after a year of taking on increasing responsibility
Technical lead of various projects, including many e2e customer on-boarding flows
Squad leader, responsible for prioritising projects, reviewing plans, critiquing designs, and scoping technical details
January 2021 - Present
flatfair - Software Engineer
Implemented asynchronous payment system to handle SCA & 3DS2
Expanded asynchronous serverless event based system for emails, sms, internal notifications, claims processing, + more
Introduced serverless APIs for routing 3rd party webhooks to correct environment
Expanded frontend skills, Vue.js + in-house design system using React Styled Components
June 2019 - December 2020
JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Associate Software Engineer
Seeing first-hand the difficulties with developing software within the HPC team, I moved into a more developer experience role, aimed at making the developers’ lives easier
I own the whole SDLC for all core & middleware services running on the HPC grid
I ensure all code has gone through vigorous build, test, and scan phases and that all vulnerabilities are remediated before deployment to over 10’000 servers across multiple environments worldwide
I own and moderate the tools that allows the team to continuously integrate and deploy software as-well-as infrastructure, such as: BitBucket, Jenkins / Blue Ocean, Spinnaker, Terraform, etc.
I still consider myself a software engineer and I am one of the lead developers of a new internally open sourced Data Science as a Service project
October 2018 - May 2019
JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Analyst Software Engineer
Member of the HPC team, managing over 100’000 distributed compute cores for Global Technology Infrastructure - Platform Services
Developer of the Java based Hybrid Burst Brokerage Service, allowing our seasonal customers to burst high performance workload into the AWS public cloud
Expanded my skills & knowledge in cloud design, cyber security, agile development, API standards, micro-services, and general software engineering
Acted as point-of-contact for new customer on-boarding and operational expert for the Hybrid Burst Brokerage Service, leaning more towards the DevOps mindset
August 2016 - September 2018
JPMorgan Chase & Co. - Intern Software Engineer
Worked within the Corporate & Investment Bank, developing an application to discover cost saving opportunities throughout the firm
Gained valuable knowledge in data visualisation software and scripting in Python.
June 2015 - September 2015